Allied Training in the High North
(Source: Norwegian Armed Forces; issued Nov 07,2019)
On the 6th of November three American B-52 Stratofortress from the US Air Force flew together with the Royal Norwegian Air Force in the high north.

The American bombers flew together with Norwegian F-16s in the air space over northern Norway, and over the Barents Sea north of Norway.

The American aircraft from Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana are temporarily stationed in Fairford in the UK to conduct flights in the European air space. As a part of their program, the US Air Force has expressed a wish to train together with Norwegian forces.

“Being able to train with our most important ally in the most demanding operational environment that we have in our country, and maybe even in NATO, is very important to us. Both weather and communications can be very challenging in the high north, and seeing that we are able to handle both together with our allies is reassuring,” says Major General Lars Christian Aamodt, Deputy Commander of the Norwegian Joint Headquarter (NJHQ)

The Norwegian Armed Forces has trained together with B-52 bombers on multiple occasions.

The United States is Norway's most important ally. In order for the United States to contribute to the defence of Norway, it is vital that American forces exercise in Norway. Our ability to operate together is important for effectively defending Norway and the NATO alliance's territory. Through military presence and joint training in Europe, the United States shows that it contributes to NATOs collective defense.


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