Israel MoD Orders Israel Shipyards’ Floating Dock for the Israeli Navy
(Source: Israeli Shipyards Ltd.; dated Nov. 13, issued Nov. 18, 2019)
In addition to the construction of a floating dock, Israel Shipyards’ contract also includes a ten-year maintenance and repair service agreement for the Israeli Navy's Sa'ar 6-class and various submarines. (IS image)
HAIFA, Israel --- Israel Shipyards Ltd., one of the largest privately-owned shipbuilding and repair facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean, recently signed a contract with the Israel MOD and the Israeli Navy for the supply of a floating dock and a 10 years’ maintenance service.

The Floating dock allows for greater operative mobility and flexibility in the installation of all Israeli combat systems onboard the SA'AR 6 ships upon their arrival. It enables adaptation and upgrade of the various vessels to withstand the corps’ evolving challenges.

The floating dock is designed for the maintenance and repair of SA'AR 6-class corvettes as well as submarines used by the Israeli Navy.

“We welcome this order from the Israeli MOD and Navy to supply out floating dock,” says Eitan Zucker, Managing Director of Israel Shipyards. “This is the optimal solution for their needs, providing both operative mobility and the flexibility to be adapted to the changing needs of the corps. We shall also provide dock support and maintenance services over the next ten years.”

Israel Shipyards Ltd. is one of the largest privately-owned shipbuilding and repair facilities in the Eastern Mediterranean. Israel Shipyards employs about 500 people, including more than 35 engineers in its design department. The company’s management is comprised of highly-experienced and skilled professionals with extensive naval and technical backgrounds.


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