More Than 780 Pieces of Armored Vehicles Received Western MD This Year
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 18, 2019)
More than 780 pieces of armored vehicles received formations and military units of the Western Military District in 2019.

In addition to the regularly updated park of vehicles, this year, for the first time, GAZ-3344 snow and swamp-going vehicles entered the district’s troops for equipping technical reconnaissance units and special ShSRM-30 multi-ton dump trucks for manning railway units.

This year, 90 units of new and modernized vehicles entered the combat units of formations and military units: more than 35 IFV-2 with an improved fire control complex and over 40 T-72B3M main tanks with improved combat characteristics, as well as 10 IFV-3 infantry fighting vehicles and APC-80 armored personnel carriers.

The ongoing work on manning the combined forces with equipment and armaments made it possible to achieve a share of almost 63 percent of modern weapons and military equipment.


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