New Helicopters Enter Southern MD
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 19, 2019)
The air units of the Southern Military District in the Rostov region and Krasnodar region received new Mi-28UB Night Hunter combat helicopters and the Mi-8AMTSH Terminator military transport helicopters.

The flight technical staff of the 4th Army of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Southern Military District began to receive from the plant.

The military personnel of the aviation engineering service will have to carry out the necessary set of routine acceptance work, fully check the functioning of all systems and mechanisms of aviation complexes.

Than pilots will made control flights, including a series of takeoffs and landings of the helicopter, flights at altitudes up to 1,000 m, as well as checking operational systems under load and overload.

In the new school year, pilots will complete flight missions and practice combat training using ground targets from unguided missile and small-arms armament of aviation equipment.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 600 pieces of new and modernized weapons, military and special equipment have been delivered to the troops of the Southern Military District.

Southern Military District Troops are to be armed with modern armaments for ground, naval and air forces up to 70%, and some weapons - up to 100% by 2020.

In total, since 2010, as part of the implementation of the state defenсe order, the troops received more than 12,000 units of latest and modernized weapons and military equipment, equipped with effective means of communication and automated control systems.


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