First Cadets Graduate from Training Course on the Polish M-346 Bielik
(Source: Defence24; posted Dec. 04, 2019)
The Polish Air Force has announced that its first four pilot cadets have completed their eight-month training syllabus on the Aermacchi M-346 Master advanced jet trainer operated by the Air Force Academy in Deblin. (Polish AF photo)
After eight months of training, and many hours spent in the air and in simulators, cadets from the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin working with the 4th Training Aviation Wing have finally graduated from their course on the M346 Master/Bielik Advanced Jet Trainers.

Among the student pilots, flying several aircraft types during their 4th and 5th year at the Air Force Academy, a group of four was the first to fly the M-346, according to spokeswoman Lt. Ewa Złotnicka.

Before they began flying, they had to go through intense ground training programme, to learn how to operate the jet, and to learn about the systems of the M-346. Furthermore, the young pilots also had to get acquainted with procedures, communications and with the airfield itself.

Simulator Training Centre at the 41st Training Aviation Base has also been an important element of the educational programme for the pilots. Thanks to the modern M-346 Master simulators the cadets were regularly training all of the procedures. EPT (Emerency Procedure Trainer) simulator has also been very useful in the process of preparing the cadets, allowing them to go through the emergency procedures.

FMS (Full Mission Simulator) and FTD (Flight Training Device) systems have been used by the cadets to get ready for flying. The ETTS (Embedded Tactical Training System) solution, on the other hand, made it possible to conduct group training in a single mission with simulated weapons and threats.

Involvement of the instructors and efforts made to prepare and conduct the training did have a tangible impact on the cadets’ ability to fly the jets in VFR/IFR settings and in air-to-air and low-flying scenarios.

The cadets will receive their officer ranks on 6th December 2019. After reporting at the units to which they were assigned they will be perfecting their airmanship and thus they would be able to use their know-how and skills in everyday service, in the air and on the ground.


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