Ankara Slams Europe’s Delays In Defense Trade
(Source: Hurriyet Daily News; published Dec. 02, 2019)
By Eray Görgülü
ANTALYA --- Some Western countries have imposed a “covert embargo” on Turkey due to its military offensive into Syria, İsmail Demir, the head of the Defense Industries Directorate, has told daily Hürriyet.

“You have seen what kind of explanations came from various countries following ‘Operation Peace Spring.’ Even in a multinational project like the A400M, restrictions have been claimed. We’ve known for some time that there are some implicit restrictions,” Demir said.

“They did not officially recognize any sanctions, but Turkey has seen a slowdown in demands, the extension of deadlines, and attitude of rejection by some companies for the delivery of some equipment,” he said.

But this manner has helped Turkey to step up to replace this equipment with domestic production, Demir stated.

He was referring to the Airbus A400M military transport planes which were developed for seven European NATO nations: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, and Turkey.

Elaborating on Turkey’s procurement of the Russian-made S-400 defense systems, Demir said that Ankara stipulated credit loan, joint production, and technology transfer in the purchase of two systems. (end of excerpt)

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