KAI Signs W110B Deal to Improve Aircraft Systems
(Source: Korea Joongang Daily; posted Dec 10,2019)
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) signed a 110-billion-won ($99-million) deal with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to add new equipment to the fleet used by DAPA and the Republic of Korea Air Force, KAI announced in a statement on Monday.

KAI signed a 76.1-billion-won contract to install Identification, friend or foe (IFF) and Link 16 tactical datalink systems on the fleet of FA-50 light attack aircraft by 2025, with an additional 37.4 billion won to install IFF on the aerobatic and combat variants of the T-50, TA-50, T-50 and T-50B by 2023.

“To fulfill the smooth operation of the allied and joint forces, [KAI] is making improvements on some of the avionics equipment,” said a spokesperson for KAI in a statement.


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