IAF Officer: Flooded Fighter Jets Should Have Been Moved (excerpt)
(Source: Ynet News; posted Jan. 13, 2020)
By Yoav Zitun
An Israel Air Force officer on Monday said that the eight fighter jets damaged in the floods that overwhelmed Hatzor airbase in the south of the country last week should have been moved to a safe place prior to the storm.

"We took care of the base's plumbing in the past, but we definitely should have vacated the underground hangars," said the officer.
"At 5am the base was dry, then half an hour later the entire base was flooded with... water in such intensity that concrete walls broke under the flood's strength."

Eight F-16 fighter jets were damaged during the flood according to the officer, five were only mildly damaged and have already returned to operational status, while three are still being repaired and will be operational again in the next few days.

"Two whole hangers were completely flooded, we made a mistake we didn't evacuate them earlier," added the officer. "We will learn our lessons from this event. We prepared last week for the coming weather, prioritizing human life over damages to sensitive equipment and the base's aircraft." (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Ynet News website.


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