Consent, Dissent, Misunderstandings: The Problem Landscape of Franco-German Defense Industrial Cooperation
(Source: German Council on Foreign Relations; issued Jan. 15, 2020)
Germany and France are embarking on a new era of defense industrial cooperation. If this cooperation succeeds, it will shape the overall European technological and industrial landscape and serve as a point of crystallization for defense industrial cooperation across the continent.

This structuring effect results from the unprecedented amount of resources that the two countries aim to invest: more than 100 billion euros over the next decades. With this investment, the two countries and the companies involved will develop new technologies and weapon systems and influence industrial relations within Europe and beyond.

Yet for decades, cooperation between the two countries has been chronically cumbersome. Identifying the problems that have the potential to hamper or even prevent a new defense industrial cooperation among Germany and France is a crucial first step toward finding solutions.

To measure the scope and quality of these problems more precisely, this study maps the perceptions of government and industrial stakeholders on the French and German sides with regard to three questions:
1) Which problems for defense industrial cooperation exist on the German side?
2) Which problems for defense industrial cooperation exist on the French side?
3) What could stakeholders contribute to solving these problems?

Click here for the full report (16 PDF pages), on the DGAP website.


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