From Loss, Finally PT Dirgantara Indonesia Earned Profit in 2019
(Source: PT Dirgantara Indonesia; issued Feb 13, 2020)
JAKARTA --- DPR's Commission VI held a Hearing Meeting (RDP) together with Strategic Industry SOEs. Besides PT Pindad, PT INKA and PT PAL, there were also SOEs that produced aircraft namely PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI).

At the time of exposure, Wednesday (12/2/2020) it was stated that PTDI had already recorded a net profit in 2019 yesterday. Even though in 2018 the company suffered losses of up to US $ 38.5 million

PTDI's net profit in 2019 was recorded at US $ 10.5 million. Net profit was affected by the company's revenue which rose to US $ 259.7 million.

In 2019 PTDI had 4 CN235 aircraft and 6 NC212 aircraft. In 2021, the company hopes to have an additional 2 CN235 aircraft.

PTDI is headquartered on Jl Pajajaran No. 154 Bandung and has factories in Batu Poron Surabaya and Tasikmalaya.


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