Anti-Aircraft Gunners of the Northern Fleet Tactical Group Fired from "Pantsir-S1" Complexes in the Arctic
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued March 23, 2020)
Anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Pantsir-S1" crews from the tactical group of the Northern Fleet, stationed on the island of Kotelny, conducted training and combat shooting.

The anti-aircraft gunners fired at targets simulating enemy armored personnel carriers and snowmobiles located at a distance of three kilometers. All targets were successfully hit by 30 mm rapid-fire guns fire.

The "Pantsir-S1" complexes, which are in service of the Northern Fleet's tactical group on Kotelny island, are executed in the Arctic version. They allow you to perform all tasks in the difficult conditions of the Far North, at low temperatures and strong winds.

The "Pantsir-S1" is designed primarily for providing air defense of military facilities in the near zone, but can be successfully used to defeat surface and ground target


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