France Adapts Operation Chammal Deployment
(Source: French Chief of the Defense Staff; issued March 25, 2020)
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PARIS --- In coordination with the Iraqi government, the Coalition has decided to adjust its arrangements in Iraq and to temporarily suspend its training activities for the Iraqi security forces, particularly in view of the health crisis.

Taking note of this decision, France has decided to repatriate, until further notice, the personnel of Operation Chammal deployed in Iraq in this context. This repatriation will begin on March 26, 2020 and will concern the hundred soldiers engaged in the "training" pillar with the Iraqi army, as well as the national support elements stationed within the staff of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) in Baghdad.

France remains committed to the Levant, however, because the fight against Daesh continues. It maintains the presence of its soldiers inserted in the structures of OIR in Kuwait and Qatar as well as its maritime deployments in the Syrian channel. Above all, it continues to participate in the “support” pillar, through its air component which performs daily flights from the planned air base in Jordan and the Coalition air base in Qatar. She will resume her training activities as soon as the situation allows.

France will remain resolutely committed to its Coalition partners to ensure the lasting defeat of Daesh.


Launch of Operation Resilience
(Source: French Chief of the Defense Staff; issued March 25, 2020)
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-- The President of the Republic has just decided, on a proposal from the Minister of the Armed Forces and the Chief of the Defense Staff, to launch Operation Resilience.
-- This unprecedented military operation will be dedicated to supporting public services and the French in the fields of health, logistics and protection.
-- The Nation needs everyone's help more than ever: the armies are and will be there.

PARIS --- The unprecedented health crisis facing France requires everyone's commitment. The assistance of the armed forces in these difficult times for the Nation is not only natural, but essential. The Ministry of the Armed Forces is already fully mobilized, as shown in recent days, several medical evacuations by air and sea, as well as the deployment of a field hospital (military element of resuscitation), which relieves the Mulhouse hospital, which was very hard-hit.

In order to federate and coordinate all the actions carried out by the armed forces in support of the collective fight against the epidemic, the President of the Republic has launched a dedicated military operation: Operation Resilience.

This operation will be separate from Operation Sentinel, which continues to focus on its counter-terrorism mission. It will focus on helping and supporting populations as well as supporting public services to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic, in mainland France and overseas, in the fields of health and logistics. and protection. The armed forces will engage in all sectors where they can provide support for the continuity of the state.

These missions will be adapted to local contexts and will be the fruit of a dialogue with the authorities on the spot, while respecting the rules for the employment of the armed forces on national territory, and by mobilizing available resources.

Finally, they will take into account the priority constituted by the continuation by the armies of their operations for the benefit of the security of the French, on national territory, in the air, on the seas, in cyber space, as in external theaters.


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