Leonardo Pitches to Upgrade Bahrain’s M60 Tank
(Source: BizBahrain; posted October 19, 2017)
Leonardo unveiled a new M-60 main battle tank (MBT) during the BIDEC defence show held in Bahrain from 16 to 18 October.

Leonardo presented both the M60A3 solution, developed for the modernisation of M-60 tanks with cutting-edge technologies and onboard equipment, and the company’s expertise in providing land and naval Armed Forces with information superiority, situational awareness, command and control, weapon systems management, and network communications.

The upgrade involves replacing the M60’s 105 mm gun with the latest version of the company’s 120/45 mm ordnance, which is fitted to the Centauro II tank destroyer that has been developed for the Italian Army. The new gun is 500 kg lighter than the original, but has a comparable recoil thanks partly to its ‘pepper pot’ muzzle brake.

Further weight will be saved by replacing the M60’s cupola and its .50 calibre machine gun with a flat ballistic commander’s hatch that has periscopes providing 360° coverage and a Hitrole Light remotely operated weapon station armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. The upgrade also includes the latest generation of the TURMS fire control system and a day/night vision sensor for the driver.

Leoanrdo also offered the Kronos Grand Mobile, a compact, multifunctional system designed for land-based tactical operations that must provide coastal and air surveillance and also defend against latest-generation threats. Leonardo also showcased Fire Control Systems, such as Colibri, designed for easy integration into vehicles, tank turrets and artillery platforms and NA-30S Mk2, designed to control up to three modern guns, including providing guidance to DART ammunition, against conventional and asymmetric air/surface threats.

Also on display were communication systems, such as the family of broadband radio, including the latest portable version, the SWave HH-E, which offers simultaneous voice and data communications, and the Sentinel Multiservice Switch Router MSR165, a versatile and reliable dual stack networking solution for military tactical applications on land platforms.


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