The Agreement On Spare Parts and Product Support for Hornet Aircraft to be Extended
(Source: Finnish Ministry of Defence; issued June 9, 2017)
Defence minister Jussi Niinistö has approved an amendment to the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) maintenance agreement signed with the United States Navy. The agreement includes spare parts and product support for the Hornet aircraft in 2018-2020. The Cabinet Finance Committee supported the amendment in its session on 8 June 2017.

As a part of a package to develop air defence, the agreement on product support secures the usability of the Hornet aircraft. It covers software maintenance, spare parts for the aircraft and equipment, instruction materials, and repair, transport and training services.

The original agreement on product support was signed in 2013. This amendment ensures the required service with the same content will be available until 2020.

The amendment is valued at USD 97.1 million (ca 92,8 million euros).


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