Royal Malaysian Navy Orders Sea Skua
(Source : MBDA ; issued Oct. 11, 2001)

LIMA-Langkawi, Malaysia---Matra BAe Dynamics (MBDA in formation) has been awarded a contract by the Government of Malaysia to supply the SEA SKUA anti-ship missile system.

The missile systems will be introduced into service on the Royal Malaysian Navy's six AgustaWestland Super Lynx helicopters to be deployed from the Lekiu class frigates, recently delivered to the Royal Malaysian Navy by BAE Systems.

SEA SKUA is an advanced all-weather day/night sea-skimming anti-ship missile system currently in service with the British Royal Navy and a number of other navies throughout the world, including Brazil, Germany, Kuwait, South Korea and Turkey.

With its semi-active radar homing capability, SEA SKUA has demonstrated a very high hit probability, reliability and low life-cycle costs in operational service with the Royal Navy.

Lightweight, reliable and easy to use, helicopter-launched SEA SKUA, together with Super Lynx, provides a highly credible capability for the Royal Malaysian Navy's new frigates and is proven to be ideally suited to operations in both open oceans and littoral waters. The Super Lynx can carry a number of these missiles and can fire them either individually or rapidly in a ripple salvo.

The launch helicopter radar detects, tracks and illuminates the target and the aircrew need only select the target and the terminal sea-skimming altitude. Thereafter the missile automatically locks on to the selected target and requires no further aircrew intervention after launch. The system combines highly accurate guidance with devastating terminal effects.

The contract further strengthens MBDA's position as a major supplier of guided weapon systems to the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Both Lekiu Class frigates (KD Lekiu and KD Jebat) are armed with the MBDA Vertical Launch SEAWOLF point defence anti-missile system and with the MBDA MM40 Block II EXOCET anti-ship missile system. Two further MBDA missile systems also arm the Royal Malaysian Navy's Laksamana (Assad) Class corvettes. The long-range OTOMAT missile provides a long range anti-ship capability while air defence is provided by the ASPIDE semi-active missile system.

Last year, the Royal Malaysian Navy carried out a series of highly successful firings during which Vertical Launch SEAWOLF, MM40 EXOCET and ASPIDE were demonstrated.

MBDA's partnership with the Royal Malaysian Navy ensures the long-term support for its systems and reliability as the Navy's single point of contact.

Alan Garwood, Chief Operating Officer, said : "We welcome the selection of Sea Skua, which forms another important defensive element for the Royal Malaysian Navy, and we look forward to further strengthening our partnership throughout the service life of the equipment."

Fabrice Brégier, Chief Executive Officer said : "Matra BAe Dynamics, Aerospatiale Matra Missiles and Alenia Marconi Systems are very proud that the Royal Malaysian Navy has selected missile systems from all of the three constituent companies ­ and nations - forming the new MBDA."

MBDA is the name of the new tri-national guided weapons company being created by the merger between Matra BAe Dynamics, Aerospatiale Matra Missiles and Alenia Marconi Systems.

Matra BAe Dynamics is an Anglo-French joint venture company owned 50:50 by BAE Systems of the UK and EADS France. Aerospatiale Matra Missiles is 100% owned by EADS France and Alenia Marconi Systems is owned 50% by Italian group Finmeccanica and 50% by BAE Systems.

Under the merger, which is subject to regulatory approval, MBDA will be owned 37.5% by BAE Systems, 37.5% by EADS and 25% by Finmeccanica.

The merger will create the second largest missile systems company in the world generating annual sales of $4 billion and with a combined order book worth over $20 billion. MBDA will be the only company worldwide capable of meeting all guided weapons requirements for air forces, armies and navies.


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