Eurofighter Unveils ‘Paradigm Shift’ In Capability At Berlin Air Show
(Source: Eurofighter GmbH; issued May 21, 2014)
BERLIN --- Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH chose the 2014 ILA Berlin Air Show to unveil details of a major capability enhancement package which secures the Eurofighter Typhoon’s position as the most powerful and reliable swing-role/multi-role combat aircraft currently available.

Briefing media and delegates at the German air show, former RAF Pilot Paul Smith, now a ‘Capability Manager’ for Eurofighter said: “What we are showcasing at ILA here in Germany represents a paradigm shift in the capability of the Eurofighter Typhoon as a series of major enhancements are introduced to our customers.

“The second element of the Phase 1 Enhancements package known as ‘P1Eb’ takes Typhoon multi-role capability to a new level. This allows Typhoon to realise both its air-to-air and air-to-ground capability to full effect. It is a significant advancement for the Programme.”

The enhancements feed in lessons from the operations in Libya, significantly enhancing the air-surface capabilities and completely revise the Human Machine interface for multirole operations. These enhancements allow the pilot to switch seamlessly between air-to-air and air-to-ground modes.

Smith added: “This package also paves the way for the Eurofighter to deploy deep strike stand-off weapons that can target high value highly protected surface targets. We are already deep into the integration and flight test of the Storm Shadow stand-off weapon. Storm Shadow has a proven combat record of penetrating the most highly defended target areas. The stealth is in the weapon; minimising the risk to pilot and aircraft.

Smith, who worked on several capability enhancements for the Eurofighter Typhoon, said: The underlying advantage of the Eurofighter Typhoon is that it is a hugely powerful and agile platform. Ally this significant kinetic advantage with the most advanced sensors and the most potent weapons and that delivers a combat advantage that really counts. This is why we are integrating the uniquely potent Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM).”

The Meteor BVRAAM has a much higher average speed than legacy missiles and when combined with Eurofighter’s kinetics this delivers a ‘no escape zone’ greater than three times that of comparable weaponry. The P1Eb enhancement package for the Eurofighter also brings a suite of capability upgrades for the aircraft’s Defensive Aids Sub System (DASS) and the latest interoperability updates for the fighter’s Multifunction and Distribution Systems (MIDS) which together help ensure that the Eurofighter Typhoon is the most effective flying partner for allied aircraft.

Alberto Gutierrez, the CEO of Eurofighter GmbH said: “We are proud to be showcasing these enhancements at ILA. This is an important time in the evolution of the Programme and the capability roadmap for Eurofighter continues to deliver. Anyone who takes the time to study what this enhancement package means will understand exactly why we are proud to be producing such an amazing aircraft.”

Background information:

Eurofighter Typhoon is the most advanced new generation multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft currently available on the world market. Seven nations (Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Saudi Arabia and Oman) have already ordered the Eurofighter Typhoon. Eurofighter Typhoon is currently the largest military procurement programme in Europe.

Its high technology strengthens the position of European aerospace industry in the international market. The programme secures more than 100,000 jobs in 400 companies. Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH manages the programme on behalf of the Eurofighter Partner Companies Alenia Aermacchi, BAE Systems and Airbus Defence and Space in Germany and Spain, which are the most important aviation and aerospace companies in Europe with a turnover of about 123.2 billion euro (2011).

Since delivery of the first Eurofighter Typhoon to the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom end of 2003, a total of 406 aircraft have been delivered to six nations. The 100th Eurofighter was delivered to the Royal Air Force in September 2006. The 200th aircraft was handed over in November 2009 to the German Air Force. The 300th aircraft was delivered to the Spanish Air Force in November 2011 and the German Air Force received the 400th Eurofighter in December 2013.

In the past 10 years with the German Air Force and its other customers, the Eurofighter fleet has demonstrated its high operational effectiveness in international missions and training exercises and has accumulated more than 236,000 flying hours.


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