MC-21 Rolled Out
(Source: Irkut Corporation; issued June 8, 2016)
The roll-out of the Irkut MC-21 single-aisle jetliner, just as the Sukhoi SuperJet made its first European revenue flight, signals Russia’s return to the civil airliner market, where it plans to seriously compete with Airbus and Boeing. (Irkut photo)
On 8 June 2016, Irkut Corporation (a member of UAC) completed the official ceremony of rollout of the newest Russian MC-21 passenger aircraft. For the first time ever, the MC-21-300 airliner made a public appearance at Irkutsk Aviation Plant. This aircraft is designated for flight tests, as scheduled.

The official ceremony was attended by Mr Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, representatives of federal and regional authorities, heads of cooperating enterprises, delegations of current and prospective MC-21 customers.

The unique assembly line, where MC-21 aircraft are currently built for flight and strength tests, was demonstrated to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation before the rollout ceremony. Mr Dmitry Medvedev also observed the cockpit of the first MC-21 airliner equipped with the standard avionics set.

Mr Oleg Demchenko, the President of Irkut Corporation, launched the official MC-21 rollout ceremony. He stated: “We managed to get together the team of like-minded colleagues. All program members are the leaders of domestic and world aviation industries. We work together and we believe in MC-21 aircraft being the best in its class.”

Mr Yury Slyusar, the President of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), emphasized that creation of MC-21 aircraft was the result of tremendous collaborative endeavour; it’s the first program, where the leading UAC enterprises (including Aviastar-SP and newly established AeroCompozit and UAC-Aggregation Center) operated under the unified plan.

Mr Dmitry Medvedev claimed in his address: “The creation of MC-21 aircraft is the tremendous victory of aviation industry, the victory of Irkut Corporation, our scientists, designers, our engineers, and workers.”

Mr Prime Minister of the Russian Federation also emphasized that Russia is able to create the products which both propel domestic aviation industry and compete with foreign aircraft. At the same time, Mr Dmitry Medvedev stressed the importance of international cooperation in the project, while greeting foreign businessmen “who work in Russia, who are here in this hall, and who achieve impressive success together with us.”

Mr Dmitry Medvedev ended his address with the compliment to all those who participated in design and manufacturing of MC-21 aircraft: “You’ve done the great job for our country, I would better say – just outstanding job!”.


Russia Unveils New Passenger Plane It Says Will Rival Boeing, Airbus (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; issued Jun 9, 2016)
By Andrew Osborn
Russia on Wednesday presented a new medium-range passenger plane which state media said was superior to its Western-made counterparts in many respects and would be snapped up by both Russian and foreign carriers.

In a glitzy ceremony at a factory in Siberia attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Irkut Corporation rolled out its new MC-21 passenger plane which is still undergoing testing but is due to enter serial production next year. The plane is sometimes also known as MS-21.

Medvedev hailed the new twin-engine short and medium-range aircraft as "cool," saying it was important that Russia remained in what he called the top league of aircraft makers despite the high costs involved.

Squeezed by Western sanctions over its role in the Ukraine crisis, the Russian government is trying to rejuvenate domestic industrial production to make the country less dependent on foreign firms. (end of excerpt)

Click here for the full story, on the Reuters website.

Milestone Moment: Irkut Officially Rolls Out the Pratt & Whitney-Powered MC-21 Aircraft
(Source: Pratt & Whitney; issued June 8, 2016)
Pratt & Whitney congratulates Irkut Corporation on officially rolling out its first MC-21 aircraft, in a ceremony at their manufacturing facility in Irkutsk, Russia. The MC-21 aircraft is powered by Pratt & Whitney's PW1400G-JM engine, the third certified PurePower Geared Turbofan engine.

We appreciate that Irkut demonstrated confidence in the technology behind Pratt & Whitney's PurePower Geared Turbofan engine when they selected it as an engine option in 2009.

With this roll-out they are closer to being able to deliver the unparalleled fuel efficiency and reduction in noise and emissions to their customers that operators on two continents have been seeing from day one since entering service.


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