Battle Tanker Increases Warfighting Reach
(Source: Royal Australian Navy; issued October 16, 2016)
HMAS Success has proven her worth once again, supporting task group exercises in Australia's north recently.

The ship, affectionately known as the 'Battle Tanker' supported the 19 nation exercise, KAKADU, assisting Australian and international warships to stay on task by refuelling vessels at sea.

The crew impressively conducted a complex dual replenishment with Canadian ship, HMCS Vancouver and local helicopter frigate, HMAS Warramunga.

Lieutenant Commander Daniel Lord was in the command team for one of the KAKADU task groups and noted the complexity of the evolution.

“The replenishment between Australian and Canadian major fleet units demonstrates a key warfighting attribute," he said.

“It proves our capabilities to tactically replenish at sea in order to maintain our forward posture, our warfighting strength and our potential for imminent lethality in the area of operations.

“The presence of a tactical tanker, such as HMAS Success, is critical to sustained operations and achieving the desired end state for overall mission,” he said.

The tempo of the warfighting exercises was such that the agility of the tanker to restore depleted supplies provided the warships the fuel and provisions necessary to remain on station and keep working.

Commanding Officer HMAS Warramunga, Commander Dugald Clelland highlighted the overall importance of such exercises and activities in developing combined maritime security skills with regional partners.

"The Royal Australian Navy is able to enforce Australia's sovereignty and to contribute to regional security and that strengthens already close relationships with our international partners,” Commander Clelland said.

The combined presence of Australian P3 Orions and Singapore F50 maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft in the exercise area, the work of fleet units from Australia, Singapore, Canada, Indonesia and Japan continued up until the end of the exercise as did the cooperative and collaborative planning and execution by and with Australia’s regional neighbours.


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