Lithuania Buys M577 Armoured Personnel Carriers to Complement Units of the Lithuanian Armed Forces
(Source: Lithuania Ministry of Defence; issued Nov 30, 2016)
Units of the Lithuanian Land Force will receive upgraded and well-equipped M577 armoured personnel carriers Lithuania is buying from the German Armed Forces. Representatives of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence of Germany signed a contract on acquiring 168 M577s on November 30 in Vilnius. Total value of the procurement is roughly EUR 1.6 m.

“The Lithuanian Armed Forces is buying command, indirect fire support, medical evacuation and training M577 armoured personnel carriers in good technical condition that will fill in the shortages of armoured vehicles in the Lithuanian Land Force,” commander of the Logistic Support Command Lieutenant Colonel Ramūnas Baronas said after putting his signature on the contract.

The vehicles are planned to be delivered in several phases in 2017-2018. The procurement also includes spare parts and maintenance tools, and equipment for the crew.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces operates M113 armoured tracked vehicles similar to the recent procurement which is why it will not need to be integrated anew. Land force units already have training programmes, maintenance and repair manuals, and repair and operation instructors trained abroad earlier.


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