(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 24, 2017)
There is widespread print and broadcast coverage today of the Defence Secretary’s statement to Parliament yesterday on Trident.

You can read the Defence Secretary’s statement to Parliament here.

A Government spokesperson said:

“The capability and effectiveness of the Trident missile, should we ever need to employ it, is unquestionable. (Emphasis added—Ed.)

“In June, the Royal Navy conducted a routine unarmed Trident missile test launch from HMS Vengeance, as part of an operation which is designed to certify the submarine and its crew. Vengeance and her crew were successfully tested and certified, allowing Vengeance to return into service.

“We have absolute confidence in our independent nuclear deterrent.

“We do not provide further details on submarine operations for obvious national security reasons.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The British government’s “absolute confidence” in the “unquestionable” capability of the Trident missile, is more appropriate to a religion than to a man-made system.
The fact that MoD can claim that HMS Vengeance and her crew were “successfully tested and certified” -- and that the submarine was allowed to return to service -- when its Trident missiles suffered their first failure in 40 years is one of the recurring mysteries of British political life.)


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