Rolls Royce Eyes Producing Turkish Jet TF-X’s Engines
(Source: Daily Sabah; publish Oct 23, 2017)
ISTANBUL --- British aviation giant Rolls Royce aims to produce the engine for Turkey's national fighter jet TF-X, which will be produced by Turkey and British company BAE Systems.

The provisions of an umbrella license will be applied to the agreement regarding the national fighter jet TF-X signed between Turkey and British giant BAE Systems. The umbrella license eliminates the need for a separate license for all parts and systems used in the production of the aircraft. Systems developed and produced in this regard will also be used in third countries.

According to a report by Habertürk, the U.K. recently issued an open general export license to allow for the transfer of materials, software and technology to be employed in the national fighter jet TF-X project.

Accordingly, another important step has been taken in the design and production of a modern fighter jet that suits the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), enables the maximum use of domestic facilities and is capable of replacing F-16 fighter jets from 2020 onwards.

In the scope of this project, realized in collaboration between British BAE Systems and main contractor Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI), the licensure paves the way for collaboration in various fields, as well as for developed technology sales with third countries.

Regarding the future stages of the project, the license will likely be updated according to changing requirements. The umbrella license, which supports and encourages the transfer of technology, will include all U.K. companies that take part in the TF-X project in the future and companies will not need to apply for a separate license. British BAE Systems has signed a framework agreement with TAI for the first design phase of the TF-X project.

In the next stage, the fighter jet engine and the company to undertake the project will be selected. While British Rolls Royce eyes engine production, the Turkish Kale Group aspires to produce the engine for the fifth-generation TFX warplane as does the British automotive giant.

In the scope of this vital project, the issuance of the umbrella license indicates U.K. aims to prevent the aircraft industry from becoming idle over time, ensuring that the infrastructure of industrial production remains active in the fifth-generation aircraft project.


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