Defense Ministry: China, Russia Achieve New Breakthroughs In Anti-Missile Cooperation
(Source: China Military Online; posted Dec 18, 2017)
BEIJING --- China and Russia wrapped up the second "Aerospace Security 2017" Chinese-Russian Joint Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) defense computer command post exercise (CPX) on Dec. 16. The two militaries achieved new breakthroughs in anti-missile cooperation through the exercise, said the information bureau of China's Ministry of National Defense in a written statement on Dec. 16, 2017.

The computer-simulated exercise was held in Beijing from Dec.11 to 16. Lieutenant General Ma Zhenjun, director of the exercise and chief of staff of the Chinese PLA Air Force, and Lieutenant General Pavel Kurachenko, first deputy commander-in-chief of Russian Aerospace Forces, attended the closing ceremony of the joint exercise, said the statement.

The exercise set against the backdrop of jointly dealing with the sudden and provocative ballistic and cruise missiles attacks on the territories of China and Russia. The two sides conducted joint exercises on the planning, command and firepower coordination of air defense and anti-missile operations through seminar exchange and computer simulation, according to the statement.

The statement pointed out that the successful joint exercise by China and Russia is a positive effort made by the two countries to maintain common security interests and regional strategic balance, and also reflects the high level of China-Russian strategic and cooperative partnership.


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