German Defense Ministry Wants to Spend Billions on Armaments This Year: Report
(Source: Reuters; published April 22, 2018)
BERLIN --- The German Defense Ministry plans to spend billions of euros on armaments this year to tackle deficiencies in the armed forces’ equipment, German newspaper Handelsblatt reported on Sunday.

Germany sharply curtailed military spending after the end of the Cold War, but began boosting spending again after Russia’s annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine in 2014. A report this year found missing spare parts and quality defects mean less than half of Germany’s submarines, warplanes and some other key weapons are ready for use.

The newspaper report, citing a list of purchases the ministry wants to make, said the budget and defense committees were due to approve 18 contracts each worth more than 25 million euros.

The ministry was not immediately available for comment on the report.

Click here for the full story, on the Defense News website.


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