Germany Confident Eurofighter Supplier Issue Can Be Resolved Soon (excerpt)
(Source: Reuters; published May 2, 2018)
BERLIN --- Germany said on Wednesday it hoped to resolve the restricted supply of certain components for its fleet of 129 Eurofighter jets in coming weeks, and the issue should not derail its plans to resume air policing in the Baltic region from September.

Defence Ministry spokesman Colonel Holger Neumann told reporters the German air force was able to meet its military requirements despite the issue with components needed for the warplane’s self-protection system.

The component issue, first reported by Spiegel Online on Tuesday, centres on a so-called “grease nipple” that is part of the system that cools the wingtip pods that house elements of the self-protection system, which was designed by BAE Systems.

Supplies of the component have been restricted while the primary supplier, a U.S.-based company, is recertified after a change in its ownership, industry sources said.

“We hope to get this problem under control in several weeks or months,” Neumann told a regular German government news conference. He declined to give any details about how many of Germany’s Eurofighters were affected by the spare parts logjam. (end of excerpt)

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