On the Road: New Trucks for the ADF
(Source: Australian Department of Defence; issued July 25, 2018)
The Australian Defence Force already operates over 1,000 MAN trucks, and has now awarded an order for over 1,000 more, at a cost of A$1.4 billion, for delivery between 2019 and 2024. (ADF photo)
The Australian Defence Force’s land capabilities will be further enhanced with the purchase of 1044 additional new-generation medium and heavy trucks, 872 modules and 812 trailers, worth $1.4 billion.

Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP said the additional medium and heavy trucks and their associated modules and trailers would facilitate logistics support through the movement of assets and supplies in combat, humanitarian, natural disaster relief and training.

"These modern trucks will be used for a broad range of military contingencies, from resupplying combat operations to supporting the ADF’s assistance to Australian and regional communities after natural disasters such as floods, fires and cyclones, " Minister Pyne said.

“We’ve already got more than 1,000 of these trucks in service and they have proved their value, exceeding user expectations in disaster relief, training and on exercises.

“This project marks the final Government approval for the LAND 121 Program, which is replacing the ADF’s legacy fleet of ageing vehicles and trailers, many of which are in excess of 30 years old and becoming increasingly costly and difficult to maintain.”

Minister Pyne said that while the trucks themselves would be manufactured on an existing production line in Austria, Australian industry would play a vital role in the project with Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia partnering with a range of Australia-based companies like Varley in Newcastle, Holmwood Highgate in Brisbane, and ECLIPS in the ACT to supply the modules and trailers.

“Haulmark Trailers Australia, a trusted and proven Australian Defence industry partner, will manufacture and sustain the trailers for the project," Minister Pyne said.

“LAND 121 Phase 5B will sustain over 100 jobs with Haulmark in Brisbane, as well as over 100 more with Rheinmetall, its subcontractors and supply chain across Australia.

“This project presents an exciting opportunity for Australian industry to continue delivery of new-generation capability in support of the ADF.

"Australian industry involvement is in the order of half a billion dollars for acquisition, with ongoing sustainment being carried out by Australian or Australia-based companies.”


Major Contract Extension Expected: Rheinmetall to Supply More Than 1000 Logistic Trucks to the Australian Defence Force
(Source: Rheinmetall; issued July 25, 2018)
Rheinmetall today welcomed the Commonwealth of Australia's announcement for the future delivery of new military trucks and modules to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) under the LAND 121 Phase 5B program. Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia (RMMVA) will deliver more than 1000 high mobility logistics trucks and more than 800 modules to the ADF under the new program, which is an extension of the current LAND 121 Phase 3B Project. Deliveries will start in 2019 and will run to 2024.

Michael Wittlinger, the Head of the Rheinmetall's Logistics Vehicles business unit and a member of the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Board, said the company was committed to establishing a high-quality logistics backbone for the ADF.

"We are proud to continue our successful cooperation with the ADF. We will work with our network of Australian partners and suppliers to ensure the Australian Army can deploy these high mobility trucks, modules and trailers to military operations across Australia," Mr Wittlinger said.

Under the LAND 121 Phase 3B program, RMMVA is currently delivering protected and unprotected military logistic trucks and modules from its Brisbane-based integration facility. The vehicles are tested and verified at the Australian Automotive Research Centre's 1000-hectare site near Anglesea, 125km south-west of Melbourne.

Marco Van Lieshout, the Chief Operations Officer of Rheinmetall's Australian business, said the vehicles, trailers and modules delivered to the Commonwealth would see continued close collaboration and expertise supplied by all partners to the LAND 121 Phase 5B program.

"Australian content is a critical part of the Project LAND 121 Phase 5B program, and will see the involvement of SMEs from across Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Victoria," Mr Van Lieshout said.

Rheinmetall Defence is one of the world's leading suppliers of defence technology, including wheeled and tracked military vehicles, weapons, ammunition, simulation solutions, command and control technology, force protection systems and sensor technologies.

RMMVA has more than 150 employees in four locations in Australia delivering defence services to the ADF including project management, systems engineering and integration, through life support, repair and maintenance as well as spares management.


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