Ukroboronprom Aircraft Cluster in 2018: Fifty Aircraft and Helicopters for the Ukrainian Forces
(Source: Ukroboronprom; issued Jan 02, 2019)
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Ukraine is gradually modernizing its military aircraft to replace Russian-made components and to improve their performance, like this Sukhoi Su-271M which has been fitted with Ukrainian-made avionics and radar. (UBP photo)
The enterprises of the aircraft building cluster of the State Enterprise "Ukroboronprom" in 2018 transferred about 50 planes and helicopters to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, renewing their aviation park and reinforcing it with modernized aircraft.

At the same time, aviation engineering companies carried out further work on the development of deep modernizations of airplanes of the Ukrainian forces, as well as the development of new models of aviation equipment.

During last year, Ukrainian pilots received Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, Su-25 attack planes, Su-24 fighter-bombers and scout aircraft, An-26 and Il-76 transport aircraft, L-39 training planes, and Mi-24, Mi-14 and Mi-8 helicopters.

This result was made possible thanks to the custom work of the Ukroboronprom aircraft companies, which in 2018 executed the State defense order and the obligation to repair.

For example, in 2018, the State Enterprise "Lviv State Aviation Repair Plant", in close cooperation with other enterprises of Ukroboronprom, carried out serial modernization of MiG-29 fighters to the MiG-29MU1 level. These planes have received a powerful radar emitter, which enables to increase the detection range of air targets, as well as a satellite navigation system integrated into the airborne radio-navigation system.

In addition, it significantly expanded the ability to control and register the functional parameters of the technical condition of the aircraft, engine and a number of on-board systems. Also, this aircraft can now carry out joint missions with the forces of NATO member states.

More than fifty dozen Mi-24, Mi-14 and Mi-8 helicopters came from the Konotop Aviation Aircrafts. In addition, the company transferred to the military really unique machines - Mi-8MTP, which are designed to conduct electronic warfare. The special equipment of this helicopter allows to set obstacles to ground radar detection, guidance and targeting, allowing pilots to "blind" and disrupt the enemy.

At the same time, "Odesa Aviation Plant" and "Chuguev Aircraft Repair Plant" have done significant work on updating and upgrading L-39 training aircraft, in which Ukrainian cadets take flight training courses, while active pilots carry out regular training to improve their skills. By the forces of these two companies, about half a dozen repaired and upgraded L-39s were sent to flight departments and military higher education institutions.

Deep modernization

In general, the "Ukroboronprom" aircraft manufacturing enterprises in 2018 carried out work on the deep modernization of aircraft that are operated by the Air Forces of Ukraine. These works, in light of the need to effectively increase the capabilities of the existing aviation park, allow, in a relatively short period of time, to obtain airplanes with much greater characteristics and combat capabilities.

Such works in 2018 were carried out by the Zaporizhzhya State Aircraft Repairing Plant "MiGremont", which modernizes Su-27 fighters and Su-25 attack aircraft.

The upgraded Su-27, which receives the suffix “1M,” is equipped with a new radar, which gives a 30% increase in the range of detection of air targets, a new navigation complex, controls, registration and processing of onboard parameters. The Su-27-1M is also capable of performing joint missions with Allied forces.

Zaporozhian specialists during the modernization of the Su-25 to the level of M1K carry out major repairs and install additional equipment of Ukrainian production. An analog sight is being replaced with a new digital sight, integrated into the sighting and navigation complex of the aircraft. The aircraft receives new control and registration of flight data, as well as a modernized radio station.

Significant work is being done to ensure the protection of the attack aircraft. On the Su-25M1K, the "Adros" protection system from STC "Progress" has been installed. This system increases the thermal protection of missiles from time to time, closing the homing heads of and firing special thermal decoys.

"Odessa Aviation Plant" together with NICU "NARP" began the development of a deep modernization of the Su-24 spy. The head of the task of this development is to significantly expand the capabilities of this aircraft through modern digital systems and the installation of advanced on-board equipment.

Westernization of airplanes

In 2018, Antonov, which is part of Ukroboronprom, has intensified the process of integration into the world aviation industry. One of the first projects in this direction, together with Turkish partners, was the work on a short-off take-off and landing aircraft An-188.

The An-188 military transport aircraft project involves the full westernization of all components, the implementation of modern and reliable technical solutions, as well as full compliance with NATO standards, both in terms of equipment and in the tactics of the use of the aircraft.

The project's aims to create a promising turbojet military transport aircraft with a payload of up to 50 tonnes. It will be able to carry military equipment of all kinds, military and construction equipment, helicopters, up to 300 soldiers, as well as humanitarian cargoes, pallets and containers. The

An-188 will have the capability to operate on different landing zones, including short runways with a length of only 600-800 meters.

This greatly expands the number of airfields from which it can be used, which in turn ensures the high efficiency of the new aircraft. In addition, the project involves the use of economical modern turbojets, which provide not only high speed but also a significant flight range.

At the same time, for the needs of the Air Forces of Ukraine, the An-77 is under development, which should get the avionics of the world's leading manufacturers, and so will bring the aircraft closer to NATO standards. It is planned that the An-77 should become the basis of Ukraine's military transport aviation. Its characteristics will dramatically increase the combat capability and mobility of airborne assault troops.

In addition, in 2018 the State Enterprise "Antonov" began manufacturing the second experimental unmanned aircraft of the "Gorlitsa". This UAV is capable of continuously staying in flight for 7 hours, working at an altitude of 5 thousand meters, and with a range of over a thousand kilometers.

"Gorlitsa" is able to conduct intelligence, provide coordination of fire, as well as fire damage to the enemy, using high-precision air-ground missiles.

The basis of the aviation industry

At the same time, it would be impossible to carry out modernization and repair of Ukrainian aviation without such companies as the Kharkiv Machine-Building Plant FED, Lutsk Motor, the Khmelnitsky Novator, and the Ivchenko-Progress Zaporizhzhya.

In the spring of 2018, Ivchenko-Progress has received a certificate of compliance with the European "EASA CS-E Airworthiness Standards" for the AI-450SR engine intended for the DART-450 training aircraft. This engine allows aerobatics, including inverted flight.

Forces DP "Motor" made overhauls of several dozen engines for fighter aviation. In general, the plant's specialists successfully mastered the production of 5,500 parts for aviation engines. In accordance with the planned measures on import substitution, the company is gradually developing new production and increasing production capacity. These are, first of all, details that are most often replaced by aviation engines and are necessary for every repair.

For the year 2018, "FED" Kharkiv Machine-Building Plant and the Khmelnytsky "Novatorom", which are manufacturers of various aggregates and on-board equipment, achieved significant results. In particular, FED has mastered the production of new products: repair-group sets and gas turbine engine-power unit. It received new milling machining centers and received certificates of conformity with new versions of ISO 9001 standards, as well as certificates of approval in accordance with the Aviation Regulations of Ukraine.

Thus, the enterprises of the cluster of aircraft building of the State Enterprise "Ukroboronprom" for 2018 completely fulfilled their tasks, reinforced the Ukrainian army and continued the work on modernization and development of new aircraft for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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