The Ministry of the Armed Forces Receives Its Third Metropolitan Support and Assist Vessel
(Source: French defence procurement agency, DGA; issued March 05, 2019)
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The Directorate General of Armament (DGA) has taken delivery at the naval base in Toulon of the Seine, the third metropolitan support and assist vessel (bâtiment de soutien et d'assistance métropolitain, or BSAM) financed under a four-ship program for the French Navy. After admission to active service of Loire in July 2018 and Rhone in January, Seine should be admitted to active service in 2019, after a long-term deployment.

This new vessel reinforces and upgrades the capabilities of the French Navy. An extremely versatile ship, the BSAM is designed to carry out three types of missions: the support of the forces (towing of large-tonnage ships, escort and support for the benefit of submarines; training of the forces, ...), maritime security (rescue at sea, assistance to ships in distress, fighting marine pollution ...) and various support tasks for the benefit of the forces (towing machines, anchoring and maintenance of the mooring boxes, lifting of wrecks, and so on.).

The delivery of the four and final BSAM, Garonne, is also planned for this year at the naval base of Brest.


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