Together We Defend Sweden and Each Other - Total Defense Exercise 2020
(Source: Swedish Defence Materiel Agency, FMV; issued May 21, 2019)
Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are more and more complex threats to our security and independence. Peace and freedom are values that we must protect and strengthen every day. Authorities, regions and municipalities, companies and organizations are responsible for ensuring that society functions. The responsibility for our country's security and security is common to all of us who live here.

Practice to strengthen the resistance

In 2020 a total defense exercise will be carried out in Sweden - TFÖ 2020. The exercise will contribute to increasing Sweden's resilience. The exercise is carried out in a fictitious situation where the government has decided on increased preparedness, the total defense has been mobilized and Sweden is subjected to armed attacks.

In the overall defense exercise, we will, among other things, practice and test decision-making chains at all levels and how social actors will interact with each other, in order for society-critical functions to continue to function and Sweden resist an armed attack. We test how society should prioritize resources and allocate important supplies.

Civil and military defense together

Total defense includes the civil and military defense together and applies to all activities needed to prepare Sweden for war.

Sweden's total defense should protect and defend the country, people's lives and health, the functions of society as well as the basic values of democracy, the rule of law and human rights. A well-functioning and well-known total defense should deter others from wanting to attack or exert pressure on Sweden.

By preparing ourselves, we create a more resilient society. We all have a task if Sweden is threatened. In Sweden, total defense duty applies. This means that everyone who lives here and is between the ages of 16 and 70 can be called in to help in different ways at war danger and war. Everyone has an obligation to contribute and everyone is needed.

FMV is one of the authorities that participates in Total Defense Exercise 2020.

Your bet makes a difference

There are three types of total defense duty: military service in the Swedish Armed Forces, civil duty in activities that the government decides on and general duty of service which means that one serves in activities that must function even in the event of war and war. This means that you continue on your regular job, work within a voluntary organization or get the job of the Public Employment Service to carry out work that is particularly important for the total defense.

Total defendants can become war-placed. If you are war-placed, you have received a war placement order or other message from your employer about this.

If you want, you can engage in voluntary defense organizations or other non-profit organizations and religious communities to contribute to a more sustainable society. You need it and your effort makes a difference.

Find credible sources

States and various actors use misleading information to try to influence our values and how we act. The purpose may be to reduce our resilience and will to defend. Part of everyone's responsibility for total defense is to learn more about source criticism, be vigilant and seek out facts from several credible sources.


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