Designation of Brazil as Major Non-NATO Ally by the US Government
(Source: Brazil Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs; issued Aug 01, 2019)
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BRASILIA --- The Brazilian government welcomed the news of his appointment as “non-NATO priority ally” (Major Non-NATO Ally - MNNA).

The MNNA status, formalized yesterday by the President of the United States of America, takes the strategic partnership with the United States to a new level of trust and cooperation.

MNNA status is granted to a limited number of countries deemed to be of strategic interest to the US, and makes them eligible for greater opportunities for military exchange and assistance, defense procurement, joint training, and project participation.

Brazil's defense industrial base could benefit from MNNA status by integrating more competitively into the industry's high-tech global value chains. Options for greater access to the US market and financing for defense products exported by Brazil, as well as participation in tenders and joint ventures, could be discussed.

In addition, the facilitation of procedures for the acquisition of high technology products necessary for the advancement of national strategic programs is expected.

Concrete projects arising from MNNA status will be negotiated and defined within the existing institutional mechanisms for diplomatic and military dialogue, consultation and coordination.

Cooperation with other NATO members, some of them traditional Brazilian strategic partners, will continue to be deepened in their respective bilateral plans.


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