FAB Modernized Radar Plane Makes First Flight
(Source: Brazilian Air Force; issued Aug 17, 2019)
(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Brazil has upgraded its Saab E-99 airborne early warning and control aircraft with new radar and electronics, to better perform with the new aircraft which will join its fleet by year-end, including the F-39 Gripen fighter and KC-390 tanker/transport. (FAB photo)
The E-99M aircraft on Friday (16/08), made its first flight in Gavião Peixoto (SP) after being modernized by Embraer. This experimental flight marks the completion of another stage of the project.

The Coordinating Commission of the Combat Aircraft Program (COPAC) is the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) agency whose purpose is to manage the development, acquisition and modernization projects of aeronautical materials and systems for the Air Force Command, managing the necessary actions to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in the life-cycles of these materiels and systems, with the support of multi-disciplinary teams working in various areas such as conceptual, logistics, industrial, operational and technical.

“First of all, all the equipment was removed and the aircraft was redesigned to receive a new configuration. This flight today marks the end of one of the modernization phases, demonstrating that the aircraft is able to fly in the face of all this complex development,” explains Colonel Aviator Wilson Paulo Corrêa Marques, manager of the aircraft modernization project.

The E-99M will be operated by the Guardian Squadron (2 ° / 6 ° GAV) in Wing 2 in Anapolis (GO). According to Squadron Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Aviator Felipe Francisco Espinha, the operational gain will be relevant.

“The modernization will enable better visualization of traffic, more information to be captured, an increase in the ability to act in an electronic warfare environment, as well as an improvement in the coordination of embedded systems,” he says.

E-99 aircraft is capable of detecting air targets and transmitting detection information to ground control centers. In addition, it performs Flight Control and Alarm missions, with the participation of fighter aircraft for air defense, Search and Rescue and airspace surveillance and control flights.

“The E-99M will have expanded its ability to integrate with new FAB platforms, such as the F-39 Gripen and KC-390,” concludes Colonel Wilson.


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