Procurement in Israel for F-35 Deal Reaches $1.75b
(Source: Globes Israel; published Sep. 08, 2019)
By Yuval Azulai
Israeli companies last year had over $500 million in sales to US F-35 stealth fighter developer and manufacturer Lockheed Martin, according to periodic data compiled by the Ministry of Defense Directorate of Production and Procurement and obtained by "Globes."

According to these figures, Lockheed Martin's procurement from industrial companies in Israel has totaled $1.75 billion since the first stealth fighter deal was signed in 2010. The Ministry of Defense expects this figure to exceed $2 billion by the end of this year.

With the help of professional staff in the Ministry of Defense, the extent of the existing contracts with Lockheed Martin is set to expand, and new contracts related to the F-35 aircraft plan are slated for signing. "We hope to exceed the $2 billion mark in the coming year in this matter," Directorate of Production and Procurement director Avi Dadon said.

The figures also show that since the beginning of 2019, Lockheed Martin's commercial contracts with Israeli companies relating to the aircraft have been expanded by $200 million, constituting a 44% rise in procurement from Israel since the middle of last year. (end of excerpt)

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