Brazil's First Gripen E-Plane Handed Over
(Source: Swedish Defense Material Agency; FMV; issued Sept. 11, 2019)
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Brazil will be the sixth country to fly the Gripen and recently Saab handed over the first Gripen E to the Brazilian Minister of Defense.

Brazil has ordered 36 Gripen E-aircraft and recently got its first aircraft at a ceremony in Linköping.

The plane has the green flag of Brazil on the tail fin and in the middle of the fin is the yellow rectangle of the flag with a blue globe. It was a proud Brazilian Defense Minister who spoke at the ceremony:

“It is with pride that we see the delivery of the first Gripen, which has been a dream for Brazil's defense force. It is an important historical moment for Brazil - but this is more than a defense system,” said Brazil's Defense Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva.

Technology transfer between countries

He spoke in his speech how generous the cooperation with Sweden is and how technology is transferred between the countries' industries. For example, Brazil demanded that the pilot have a large computer screen in front of him. The screen developed by a Brazilian company became so good that the Swedish Air Force decided to deploy it in all its Gripen E.

The fact that more countries use Gripen benefits Sweden and the Swedish defense.

“Sweden and Brazil's aircraft are essentially the same. It is very good that we get the opportunity to share development costs in a way that we may not have been able to manage on our own,” says Swedish Air Force Chief Mats Helgesson.

Sweden has ordered 60 Gripen E for SEK 36 billion and Brazil 36 planes for SEK 40 billion.

Strong Swedish competence

“It is a lot of money - but it is also basically a recognition of Swedish technology and our ability to develop fighter aircraft. We are one of the few countries in the world that has that expertise. This is an important proof that we are well-placed in the competition and that our products are good,” says Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist.

The final assembly of half of the Brazilian planes will take place locally and the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer also makes parts for the plane.

“For Sweden, it is important to have a long-term customer of this type. It is a strategic partnership that leads to a security policy dialogue and jobs,” says Peter Hultqvist.

“There are other countries in Latin America that have shown interest in Gripen. For example, I met a delegation from Colombia who asked a lot of questions,” Peter Hultqvist added

The Brazilian plane will undergo tests in Sweden for one year before being flown to Brazil.


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