Equipment: Around 560 Million Euros for the Bundeswehr
(Source: German Ministry of Defence; issued Nov. 07, 2019)
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In addition to buying 50 Patriot MSE air-defense missiles, the extra funds approved by the Bundestag will allow the life extension of 196 Wiesel 1 light armored vehicles, shown here armed with a TOW anti-tank missile. (Bundeswehr photo)
BERLIN --- The budget committee of the German Bundestag approved on Wednesday November 7 several defense ministry programs above the 25 million-euro threshold requiring Parliamentary approval, as well as an equity increase at the BwFuhrparkService GmbH limited liability company of up to 110 million euros.

Digitization for the VJTF Very High Readiness Joint Task Force

The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) aims to provide up to 2,200 complementary command kits. In two framework agreements, a maximum expenditure of around € 115.7 million is planned, of which initially services worth € 87.9 million will be awarded. This will procure display and processing equipment, server units and the necessary power supply.

Across all management levels, the measures are intended to integrate the combat, command and support vehicles and the deployable management facilities into a digital information and communication network. This basic digitization should also provide valuable insights for the digitization of the armed forces.

Supplies for Patriot

For around € 292.5 million, 50 missiles are to be procured in the new version of the Patriot PAC-3 MSE (Missile Segment Enhancement), including accessories. For this purpose, a corresponding agreement with the US government to be closed.

Operations of Weasel 1 extended

For about 73 million euros, 196 Wiesel 1 tracked vehicles are being prepared for further use. The small, lightly armored tracked vehicle is used as weapons carrier in the infantry among other things for the anti-tank, against lightly armored forces and as a reconnaissance vehicle. The Wiesel 1 are air-transportable and should be able to be used until at least 2030.

Partially militarized vehicles will be replaced

The equity of BwFuhrparkService GmbH is reinforced with an additional 110 million euros. The aim is to replace the outdated semi-militarized vehicles with modern commercially available vehicles with special military equipment (commercial vehicles with special military equipment).

Optional equipment includes, for example, radio systems, camouflage lantern or rotating mount for the machine gun.

The current overall approach provides for 12,700 commercially available vehicles with special military vehicles. However, the additional funds can only be spent when corresponding deficit spending results in a reduction in the defense budget.

With the agreed financial submissions, and the strengthening of the equity capital of BwFuhrparkService GmbH, investments in state-of-the-art equipment of the Bundeswehr will be consistently continued.


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