Jaguar and Griffon: Qualification Trials of Maritime Transport Capabilities
(Source: French Directorate General of Armament, issued Nov 14, 2019)
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The French Army and defense procurement agency have successfully tested the capability of naval landing craft to embark and disembark on beaches its new generation of wheeled armored vehicles, including this Jaguar 6x6. (DGA photo)
As part of the Scorpion program, the maritime transport capacity qualification tests for the Griffon and Jaguar armored vehicles were held from 5 to 7 November 2019 in the Toulon region.

Conducted by the French Army with the assistance of the French Navy, these trials consisted in testing the embarkation and disembarkation on an equipment transport barge and a fast amphibious landing craft, as well as driving around the immediate landing areas on the beaches of the Var district.

Defined with the experts of the DGA, these trials were conducted with the three manufacturers who are responsible for the project management of the two vehicles. The trials validated the results that had been obtained by digital simulations, and confirmed the loading procedures for multiple vehicles. A new evaluation campaign will be held in early 2020 to validate these issues from an amphibious helicopter carrier.

The Jaguar and Griffon qualification test program is conducted in collaboration between the DGA, the Army Technical Section (STAT) and industry contractors, the Scorpion program having anticipated the new provisions recommended by the new ministerial instruction 1618 governing the management of armament programs.

-- The Scorpion program is under the control of the DGA. It aims to transform air-land contact combat capabilities by enhancing their tactical interoperability and operational readiness.
It includes six operations: three new armored vehicles (Griffon, Jaguar and Serval), the renovation of the Leclerc tank, the SICS information system and an operational readiness system. The military programming law 2019-2025, has provided an acceleration of the Scorpion program: 50% of new armor will be delivered by 2025.

-- The Griffon is the first Scorpion * vehicle to be qualified (June 2019) and delivered (since July 2019).

-- The delivery of the first Jaguar is expected for 2020, after the DGA has pronounced its qualification.

-- Arquus, Nexter and Thales together formed a temporary group of companies (GME) for the Scorpion program.


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