16 Deals Worth AED7 Bn Signed on Dubai Air Show's Second Day
(Source: Emirates News Agency, WAM; published Nov. 19, 2019)
DUBAI --- The UAE's Ministry of Defence signed 16 deals at a total value of AED 6,977,245,952 ($1.9 billion—Ed.) on the second day of Dubai Air Show 2019, a senior official said on Tuesday.

The deals involved enhancement, maintenance and purchase of parts and ammunition for the UAE's Armed Forces and Air Force, Major-General Pilot Abdullah Al Sayyed Al Hashemi, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Defence for Support Services, said on Day Two of the Dubai Airshow 2019, now running the Dubai World Central.

Here is the list of the signed agreements released by the GHQ of the UAE Armed Forces:

- A contract with Halcon Company to purchase various ammunitions for a value of AED3,600,000,000 ($980 million—Ed).

- A contract with Raytheon Company to purchase ammunitions for Patriot System for Air Forces and Sir Defense for a value of AED1,307,220,700. ($350 million—Ed.)

- A contract with Denel Dynamics to purchase reconnaissance systems for the Armed Forces for a value of AED183,650,000.

- A contract with International Golden Group to purchase a joint fire training simulator for a value of AED16,200,000.

- A contract with Aquila Aerospace to purchase reconnaissance systems including training services for a value of AED734,000,000.

- A contract with Thales Six GTS France to provide spare parts and maintenance works for the air communication system Gater for a value of AED30,100,000

- A contract with Global Aerospace Logistics to provide maintenance services for aircraft for a value of AED749,245,368.

- A contract with Lima Aviation to purchase and install thermal cameras and infrared system for a value of AED149,204,624.

- A contract with Al Tuff Company to purchase air equipment systems for a value of AED45,758,000.

- A contract with Leonardo S.P.A. to provide technical support for Aermacchi aircraft for a value of AED7,308,000.

- A contract with Rockwell Company to provide technical support for Target Detection System for a value of AED3,434,255.

- A contract with Safran Helicopter Engines to provide technical support and technical amendments in aircraft for a value of AED22,356,824.

- A contract with Advance Navigation & Positioning Corporation to provide technical support and technical amendments in aircraft for Joint Flight Command for a value of AED11,669,073.

- A contract with Rheinmetall Air Defence Company to provide maintenance of Sky Guard System for a value of AED5,072,608.

- A contract with Poly Technologies Company to purchase Radar Detection Systems for a value of AED78,969,500.

- A contract with Global Industrial & Defence Solutions Company to purchase ammunitions system (fuses) for a value of AED33,057,000.


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