Ready to Partner India, Transfer Technology of Jet Engine: Safran (excerpt)
(Source: Economic Times; posted Feb 05, 2020)
By Manu Pubby
NEW DELHI --- Leading French engine manufacturer Safran has said that it is ready to transfer the full technology for jet engines that can power next generation fighter jets and has initiated talks on the matter as it is committed to staying in India for the long term.

The offer gains significance as India has embarked on an ambitious plan to develop an advanced multirole fighter jet, with the Air Force insisting that it should be powered with an indigenous engine and home developed weapon systems.

In his first remarks after taking over as Safran senior executive vice president, Alexandre Ziegler, who was the French Ambassador to India till last year, said exchanges have started between the two sides for a potential partnership for the next generation jets. “The development of an indigenous fighter jet engine is a key factor for strategic autonomy. If India chooses to cooperate with France in this field, we will be delighted and honoured to make our contribution.

“We are ready to propose a full transfer of technology and know-how. That is the strength of our partnership,” the senior executive told ET.

The French manufacturer is already a partner in major Indian space projects and helicopter engines, besides being a significant supplier of systems for the Rafale fighter jets ordered for the Air Force. (end of excerpt)

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