Coronavirus Banishes Planes to the Desert
(Source: Deutsche Welle German Radio; issued May 14, 2020)

About 17,000 aircraft or more than 60% of all planes are currently grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some have turned the scarcity of parking spaces for jets into a brisk business.

On any given day, most of the wide-body jets — those with twin passenger aisles — that take off from Germany's Frankfurt airport, head for the top main long-haul routes of Dubai, New York and Shanghai.

Since the coronavirus pandemic erupted, however, Lufthansa's giant Airbus A380 planes are making one-way trips to a rather odd destination. On Wednesday morning, flight LH9924, which was not listed on any timetable, was the latest to make the voyage to a location not even the most seasoned travel expert knows about: Teruel.

The city of 35,000 inhabitants is located in Aragonia province in eastern Spain, about half way between Madrid and Valencia. Besides its old town's architecture being a UNESCO world heritage site, hardly any tourists ever visit, especially during the coronavirus lockdown.

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