Commander in Chief Inspects S-43 Submarine and Inaugurates a New Frigate Built at the Alexandria Dockyard
(Source: Egyptian Ministry of Defence; issued May 14, 2020)
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Egypt’s Alexandria Naval Shipyard has launched ‘Luxor,’ the third and final Gowind 2500-class corvette built under license from France’s Naval Group for the Egyptian Navy. The lead ship was built in France, under a 2014 contract worth €1 billion. (NG photo)
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt --- In continuation of the efforts of the armed forces to support the combat and technical capabilities of their elements, Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, today (May 14) visited the leadership of the Naval Forces in Ras Al-Teen in the presence of General Muhammad Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and a number of senior leaders. The visit began with the inspection of the S-43, a German-made Type 209/1400 submarine which was recently delivered to the Navy.

The Commander in Chief conveyed the greeting and appreciation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to the men of the navy for their efforts to protect Egypt’s territorial waters and economic wealth. He also commended the submarine crew, its discipline and its insistence on carrying out the task of taking delivery and completing training and testing in advance, despite the conditions of the spread of the Corona virus globally.

Gen. Mohamed Zaki, listened to a detailed explanation of all the technical and combat characteristics of the S-43 submarine, and how it implemented the costly tasks through the advanced armament system. This new submarine represents a major deterrent force added to the Egyptian naval fleet, which has recently witnessed a huge technological advance in its armament and in increasing the efficiency of its combat systems to the latest global standards.

This was followed by the first team, Mohamed Zaki, to attend the inauguration ceremony of the stealth frigate "Luxor," of the Gowind class, at the Alexandria arsenal. She is the third frigate that is being built in the homeland, in cooperation with Naval Group, one of the French industry leaders in shipbuilding and manufacturing technology.

The ceremony started with the speech of the Chairman of the Alexandria Naval Shipyard company, which referred to the shipyard’s strategic importance, especially in the field of heavy industries. The speaker also stressed the breakthrough achieved during the last period as a result of joint manufacturing programs and the acquisition of shipbuilding technology while providing the highest levels of industrial quality control in cooperation with global shipyards.

The French ambassador to Cairo, Mr. Stephan Rommate, also expressed his satisfaction at the professional level that he had seen in the staff of the Alexandria Shipyard Company and their endeavor to acquaint themselves with the latest technologies and expertise. This enabled the shipyard to build the new frigate in record time, according to the agreed program of time for industrialization, which crowned the close relations between the political leadership of Egypt and France, which has led to fruitful cooperation in many fields during the recent times.

In his speech, Lieutenant General Khaled Khaled, Commander of the Naval Forces, affirmed the support of the political leadership and the General Command of the Armed Forces to implement a comprehensive strategy to develop and modernize the Egyptian naval fleet to enhance security and stability, and to support the ability to face the challenges and risks in the region. A modern company, he said, with high fighting capabilities in addition to preparing and qualifying young cadres who are trained and qualified at the highest level. He also thanked the Alexandria Shipyard Company and all its employees for their hard work and effort to uphold the nation’s affairs.

Gen. Mohamed Zaki inaugurated the stealth frigate "Luxor," of the Gowind class, to prepare it to enter service with the Egyptian Navy.

The governor of Alexandria attended a ceremony and a high-level French delegation headed by the French ambassador to Egypt and as well as executives, workers and engineers of Alexandria Shipyard Company for Marine Industries.


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