Estonia and Luxembourg Set to Begin Cooperating in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training
(Source: Estonia Ministry of Defence; issued July 28, 2020)
The Ministers of Defence of Estonia and Luxembourg signed a cooperation agreement in the fields of unmanned aerial vehicle training.

Kusti Salm, Director of the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments, noted that with the agreement Estonia will allow for the training of unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the Luxembourg Armed Forces in Estonian airspace, and a training centre building will be built at Koigi Airport for this purpose.

‘The agreement with Luxembourg is a rare example of how cordial relations between small countries bring not only political benefits, but real progress in training and the introduction of new technologies,’ said Salm.

The building will include classrooms, storage, equipment maintenance, accommodation and the necessary leisure and sanitary facilities. According to the agreement, the building will be used jointly by units from Luxembourg, the Estonian Defence Forces and the Defence League.

The infrastructure is being built by the Estonian Centre for Defence Investments and funded by Luxembourg’s Directorate of Defence. Design work will begin this year, with construction set to begin in the first half of 2021.


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