HMS Gävle Back in Water after First Phase Modification
(Source: Swedish Defense Materiel Agency, FMV; issued Sept 07, 2020)
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Instead of six Göteborg-class corvettes as originally planned, Sweden only built four, and only two remain in service today; the first is halfway through its mid-life update, and the second will follow. (FMV photo)
As the first of two corvettes due to be modified has now been launched, the mid-life upgrade program enters the next phase, with completion of installations and integration of different systems.

“Now that we have the first boat in the water, work can begin to start commissioning platform systems, which is a prerequisite for being able to start up many of the other subsystems on board. Initially, the focus will mainly be on the ship systems, and will then follow the ship's various sensor, weapon and command systems,” says Johan Edelsvärd, project manager for the mid-life upgrade of HMS Gävle.

When the installations are completed, verifications begin -- i.e., ensuring that the systems work as they should to FMV's requirements, and in the long run the requirements of the Armed Forces, are met. Initial verifications take place at the pier, and then tests take place at sea.

The mid-life upgrade is the biggest change that Gothenburg-class corvettes will undergo during their lifetime. The hull itself has a service life of over 30 years, but the technical service life of many subsystems is shorter. In some cases, it is a matter of maintenance problems, in others the technical development has progressed to such an extent that one has to change the entire system to maintain operational capability.

“In general, most of the ship's various subsystems are replaced. The emphasis is mainly on management, sensor and communication systems, but also heavier ship systems are sold and modified,” says Johan Edelsvärd.

While the first modified fast missile boat is now being launched, the second one is in the construction hall for the production of corresponding modification measures.


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