The Shipyard is Preparing for the Ostrobothnia-Class: "The Warship Is A Combat Vessel and a Very Compact Entity"
(Source: Finnish Navy; issued Sept. 18, 2020)
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The Navy's Ostrobothnia-class ship project is progressing. The procurement contracts signed a year ago laid a solid foundation for the project and the preparatory work is currently being done mainly on the planning table. The project will ensure the Navy's maritime performance for decades to come, but it will be a while before the first Ostrobothnia-class steel blocks touch water.

The physical steel cutting and welding of the ships is planned to start in Rauma in 2022. From the perspective of the Rauma shipyard, there is an interesting and new challenge ahead. Modern warships differ from the yard’s most traditional ship designs, such as passenger car ferries in many respects. Due to its nature, the project to be implemented for the Defense Forces also requires stricter security arrangements than usual.

The vessels are to be built under cover, which is why the yard is currently planning the necessary investments in a hall to implement this construction method.

Computer-generated image of an Ostrobothnia-class corvette on the Turku River, where Rauma Shipyard is preparing the construction halls where the new ships will be built.

The shipyard, which has a long shipbuilding tradition in Rauma, will take on a new area when it starts practical work on a challenging warship project. Jyrki Heinimaa, CEO of Rauma Marine Construction, describes the project ahead:

“A warship goes into battle, and in that sense very different from a passenger car ferry. Unlike passenger car ferries, warships do not have common large spaces for people and goods. The warship is a very compact entity, which means that the available space must accommodate the maximum quantity of equipment, systems and people.”

Construction must take place in a very strict order. In this respect, advance planning of shipbuilding is extremely important for construction.

An exceptionally efficient and versatile combat system, ie a combat command system comprising sensors and weapon systems, will be procured for the new class of ships, part by the Navy and partly also the Defense Forces. A similar class of minesweepers is not under construction elsewhere.

“The co-operation between the Navy and Rauma Shipyard has been excellent throughout history and the co-operation is still seamless. There were and will be many different stages in the decision-making of the Squadron 2020 project. Due to the different construction model, which includes the Finnish Defense Forces Logistics Department and the combat system supplier Saab, the project's cooperation requires continuous tripartite cooperation in the implementation of the project,” Heinimaa adds.


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