NATO Allies Attend Combined Resolve XIV in Hohenfels
(Source: US Army; issued Sept. 23, 2020)
A Ukrainian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle armed with a 30 mm dual-feed cannon during the Combined Resolve XIV exercise in Hohenfels, Germany. Ukraine is one of eight NATO ally and partner nations set to participate. (US Army photo)
HOHENFELS, Germany --- NATO allies and partner countries will test the readiness of the U.S Army Soldiers during the Combined Resolve XIV exercise held in Hohenfels Training Area in September. The exercised is designed to evaluate and assess the readiness of the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, as well as strengthening the interoperability with the United States’ multinational partners.

“We have a very important mission here,” said 2nd Armored Brigade Commander Col. Terry Tellis. “It’s really about deterring aggression and reassuring our partners and allies. It builds interoperability and it helps us better prepare to tie in with our partners.”

Combined Resolve XIV will include a series of mock battles and planning scenarios that will require the various international units to form alliances and strategize against each other. Mock battles and training scenarios will take place in both daytime and night settings across the more than 40,000-acre training center.

In addition to the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, other U.S. Army units participating in the Combined Resolve XIV are 1st Cavalry Division, 101st Combat Aviation Brigade; 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion; 407th Civil Affairs Battalion; and 3rd Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment of the Georgia National Guard.

2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team Command Sgt. Maj. Jabari Williams said that for U.S. Soldiers, the goal of the exercise is simple, and it will not be difficult to assess the performance for the brigade.

“Success will be defined by the bonds and relationships our Soldiers form, their ability to close and destroy the enemy, and our ability to return home safely,” Williams said.

The eight NATO allies and partner countries participating in the exercise bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to the training, and will utilize their experience to challenge both U.S. forces and each other during the training exercise.

The exercise also has historic significance for one of the participating members.

Combined Resolve XIV marks the North Macedonia’s first appearance as a member of NATO. North Macedonia Army liaison officer Maj. Zlatko Stojanovski said that although the country is new to NATO, it is very familiar with the joint training atmosphere, and this is not the first time the country has participated at a Hohenfels Training Area exercise.

“We’re excited to be at Combined Resolve XIV,” he said. “We were participating in many exercises [prior to NATO membership].”

Being able to participate as a full-fledged NATO member has been a long-term goal of the country, a goal that was finally realized in March of this year.

“One of our national goals set 20 years ago was to join NATO,” Stojanovski said. “That final recognition is what we’ve aimed to accomplish for many years.”

For the long-time NATO members participating, Combined Resolve XIV is part of an ongoing training partnership with U.S. Forces. The training gives these countries the opportunity to learn new skills as well as share their knowledge and experience with other countries.

Ukraine is the lone NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner participating in the exercise. According to Ukrainian public affairs officer Lt. Col. Paulo Kovalchuk, Ukraine has three units with more than 200 Soldiers involved in the exercise.

“We’re happy to participate with our NATO allies and we look forward to the active phase of Combined Resolve XIV,” Kovalchuk said. “Our goal is to share our experiences and acquire knowledge from the United States and other participating nations. We’ll aim to match all of the standards and protocols of all the NATO allies.”


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