Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa Will Provide Equipment and Ammunition for the Army
(Source: PGZ Group; issued Sept. 14, 2020)
WARSAW --- Rosomak S.A. will provide the Polish Armed Forces with 60 Rosomak-S Personnel Carriers adapted to carry Spike anti-tank missile sets, and Mesko S.A. will deliver 174,000 pieces of ammunition for small-caliber cannons, 11,000 [rounds] for Dana 152 mm howitzer cannons and 8,000 [rounds] for the 122 mm “Goździk (Carnation)” howitzers.

The contracts were signed on September 14 this year in the presence of the Minister of National Defence.

Rosomak-S Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier is a vehicle designed for the transport of portable “Spike” anti-tank guided missiles. Rosomak-S has been equipped with two portable ATGM launchers; it also has external communication means and a multi-band camouflage, Berberys.

The technical parameters of the vehicle are identical to the base version already used in the army, taking into account the ability to overcome water obstacles. Rosomak-S for the transport of SPIKE ATGMs will be delivered in the rank and file and command version. The value of the agreement is over PLN 105 million, and the equipment deliveries are scheduled for 2021-22.

“I am glad that new equipment and ammunition produced in the plants belonging to the PGZ Group is being delivered to military units. Rosomak vehicles from Siemianowice Śląskie have made a permanent stay among the soldiers, which is confirmed by successive contracts signed today, this time for special versions of vehicles. Even the best weapons without ammunition will not perform their function, therefore contracts for equipment are as important as those for ammunition delivery. Our plants have a comprehensive proposal in this respect, which the Polish Army takes full advantage of,” said Andrzej Kensbok, the President of the Management Board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A.

The cost of the order for cannon cartridges for small-caliber cannons will amount to nearly PLN 105 million, and their delivery is planned for the years 2020-23. The agreement for the supply of [rounds] for the Dana howitzer cannons will amount to almost PLN 76 million, and for the Goździk howitzers – PLN 41.5 million.

The execution of both contracts is scheduled for the years 2020-22.


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