Production Problem Delaying Delivery of F-35s
(Source Dutch Ministry of Defence; issued Oct. 12, 2020)
(Unofficial translation by
The arrival of the two latest Dutch F-35s at Leeuwarden Air Base will take a little longer. Due to a problem in the production of the aircraft, they will be delivered two and four weeks late.

While checking an Italian F-35, deviations were found in the length of some bolts which attach panels to the aircraft. A sampling of the other aircraft from the Italian production site revealed the same deviations.

These deviations do not pose a safety risk and flights with the F-35 will continue as usual.

However, the supplier has decided to check all panels of the production equipment in Italy (including the Dutch AN-13 and AN-14) and to repair them where necessary.

It is currently being examined which inspections the four aircraft that are already in the Netherlands must undergo, and when this can best be done.


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