Lithuania and Germany Further Steps Up Cooperation in Military Training
(Source: Lithuania Ministry of Defence; issued Oct 16, 2020)
Lithuania’s and Germany’s cooperation on military training will intensify. It has been provided for in an agreement extension on cooperation in the area of military training by the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania and the Federal Ministry of Defence of Germany.

The amendment to the bilateral document was signed on October 14 by Head of the International Relations and Operations Group Karolis Aleksa on behalf of the Ministry of National Defence and Defence Attaché of Germany LT Col Konstantin Bellini on Behalf of the Federal Ministry of Defence.

The agreement extension is yet another step for strengthening bilateral cooperation of the countries in military training, specifically, by sending Lithuanian troops to training events of the Bundeswehr. Lithuania and Germany firmly keep the pace with each other not only in increasing qualification of individual soldiers but also in strengthening interoperability of both countries’ forces, and eventually NATO.

Germany is Lithuania’s principal ally and a cornerstone guarantee of security and stability in Europe. The Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany concerning Temporary Stays of Members of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Lithuania and the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Territory of the Other State was signed in the summer of 2020.

Germany contributes significantly to the development of Lithuania’s defence capabilities. It is a longstanding partner to Lithuania in upgrading our Armed Forces, weaponry and military equipment.

Germany is also the framework nation of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group deployed for deterrence and defence purposes in Rukla since early 2017, and has the largest portion of troops there. A Mechanised Infantry Brigade of the Lithuanian Armed Forces was affiliated to a German Bundeswehr Division in 2018, thus increasing training opportunities for soldiers of both countries. Germany is also an active participant of the NATO Air Policing Mission in the Baltic states and delegates officers to the NATO Force Integration Unit in Vilnius.


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