Raytheon to Provide Gunshot Detection for USAF JLTVs
(Source: Raytheon Intelligence and Space; issued Oct 19, 2020)
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. --- Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies business will provide gunshot detection technology for an emerging set of the U.S. Air Force’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

The Air Force has selected Boomerang gunshot detection technology from Raytheon BBN Technologies to significantly increase vehicle safety and airmen survivability for JLTV crews supporting a variety of missions.

“Boomerang instantly pinpoints the location of enemy shooters,” said Brad Tousley, president, Raytheon BBN Technologies. “Not only does Boomerang provide a bubble of protection around the vehicle, it can also enhance battlefield management and situational awareness by transmitting the precise location of enemy shooters to all friendly forces when it is networked with other technologies such as ATAK (Android Tactical Assault Kit). It also can provide slew-to-cue capabilities when integrated with remote weapons, automatically slewing the weapon system and orienting on the threat whenever a shot is detected.”

Raytheon BBN Technologies is working with ADS Inc. to deliver the Boomerang technology to the U.S. Air Force.

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Raytheon I&S generated $14 billion in pro forma annual revenue in 2019 and has 35,700 employees worldwide. Raytheon Intelligence & Space is one of four businesses that form Raytheon Technologies Corporation.


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