Pakistani Navy Confirms Brazilian Jetliner Will Replace Orion Patrol Aircraft (excerpt)
(Source: Defense News; posted Oct. 26, 2020)
By Usman Ansari
ISLAMABAD --- Pakistan’s Navy has selected the Embraer Lineage 1000 jetliner to replace its P-3C Orion long-range maritime patrol aircraft, a service spokesman has confirmed to Defense News.

Outgoing naval chief Adm. Adm. Zafar Mahmood Abbasi announced Oct. 6 that the Navy would replace its P-3C Orion fleet with 10 converted commercial jets, the first of which has been ordered. However, he did not identify the type.

The Ministry of Defence Production, which handles acquisition, did not return requests for comment regarding the conversion and possible partners.

With only a single aircraft ordered thus far, the program is in its early stages. When converted for Pakistani service, the aircraft will be called Sea Sultan.

It is unclear if the aircraft is being acquired directly from the manufacturer or another party. Embraer did not respond to requests for comment. (end of excerpt)

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