Uralvagonzavod Supplied the Russian Ministry of Defense with Upgraded T-72B3 Tanks
(Source: Uralvagonzavod; issued Nov. 5, 2020)
Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)
Uralvagonzavod (part of the State Corporation Rostec) has sent a first batch of modernized T-72B3 tanks to the Russian Ministry of Defense. These combat vehicles received a new powerful engine, a modern fire control system, a rear-view camera and a mechanical drive display complex.

The work was carried out within the framework of the State Defense Order, in accordance with the conditions of which the T-72B tanks received from the repair stock underwent a major overhaul and deep modernization to the T-72B3 level. During the development of the T-72 tank, the designers left a significant growth and modernization potential, which is currently being actively used.

Uralvagonzavod has shipped a first batch of upgraded T-72B3 tanks ordered by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The modernization affected almost all systems, as a result of which the maneuverability of the vehicles has improved, and their firepower and the level of protection increased. One of the main decisions is to equip the vehicle with additional protection modules in the so-called soft hull, which increased the armor resistance without significantly increasing the mass of the tank.

Also, the T-72B3 is equipped with a new power plant of increased power, a rear-view camera, a modern digital communication system, and a display complex for the driver. The vehicle is also equipped with a new fire control system with an automatic target tracking, which can significantly reduce the time for training gunner-operators, without reducing the effectiveness of firing. Thermal imaging channels of Russian production are not inferior in their characteristics to previously installed foreign ones.

Each tank passed acceptance tests, during which the officers of the military mission personally checked all the systems from the workplaces of the driver, gunner, operator and commander. As a result, the combat vehicles were accepted by the customer.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu earlier said that following the results of the International Army Games specialists proposed some technical solutions for boosting the T-72’s combat efficiency and reliability, which resulted in the T-72B3M modification that outshined foreign rivals by some characteristics,” TASS reported this morning.
“Russia plans to upgrade all of its operational T-72 tanks, the defense chief said.”)


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