New Army Weapons Program Ground-Fires Navy Tomahawk, SM-6 (excerpt)
(Source: Fox News; posted Nov. 12, 2020)
By Kris Osborn
It can loiter over targets while sending back video through a two-way data link. It can destroy targets from ranges out to 900 miles. And now, it can adjust course in flight to destroy moving targets … the Tomahawk missile, often the first weapon to strike in combat, will now be fired as a land weapon.

While typically fired from surface ships and submarines, Tomahawk missile and SM-6 missile prototypes will now fire from land launchers as part of a new Army Mid-Range Capability weapons program aimed at deploying new medium-range attack weapons giving ground commanders a wider and more lethal sphere of attack options.

“Adapting existing systems as much as possible will allow us to move faster than traditional acquisition methods to get the capability into the hands of soldiers,” Lt. Gen. Neil Thurgood, director of Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition, said in an Army statement.

MRC prototypes, consisting of launchers, missiles and a battery operations center, will be deployed by 2023, according to Army officials. The weapons will likely emerge on this timetable due to their joint characteristics, meaning the SM-6 and Tomahawk have long been effective Navy attack weapons and the Army intends to use “joint” hardware and software to configure the weapons for land attack. (end of excerpt)

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