Norway Plugs into Global F135 Engine MRO Network
(Source: Lockheed Martin website; issued Nov 17, 2020)
Norway-based Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) has officially opened its F135 engine maintenance depot in Rygge, after signing a contract with Pratt & Whitney.

The depot is now in the activation and training stage, in advance of initial depot operating capability which is planned for late 2021.

Rygge will function as one of five F135 MRO and upgrade (MRO&U) facilities worldwide that will sustain the global engine fleet powering the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. Nancy Bordick, executive director for global sustainment services at Pratt & Whitney, described the contract on 9 November as ‘an important milestone for establishing F135 MRO&U capabilities in the European region’.

The depot has the capacity to support multiple repairs, overhauls and logistic services including handling spare parts, KAMS noted, adding it has plans to expand the facility 'to accommodate future work and other business opportunities'.

The company (majority-owned by Kongsberg with Patria holding a 49.9% stake) will employ and educate mechanics, technicians and logistics personnel that will incrementally take on more complex repairs and an increased work scope of the F135 engine.


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